Right now is an incredible time of growth in the real estate industry! The market is more competitive than ever. Brokerage firms need to hire talented agents to keep up with consumer demand. Position yourself for success by receiving the best real estate education from one of the longest running Real Estate Schools in New Jersey.

Don’t settle for anything less!

We are known in the industry for our integrity, hard work, and commitment to our students and alumni. Our promise to you: this school is truly a conflict-free zone.

The Real Estate School was founded in 1976 and purchased by its current owner, Donald R. Haven, Sr. in the early 1990s. Don was a teacher at the school at the time of purchase and has been the school's Director ever since. In almost 30 years, Don’s philosophy has never wavered and his vision has never changed: to deliver the best possible education in a truly independent environment with the highest level of integrity and transparency.

Real Estate education is not a side business or a part time job to us. It’s what we do! Our main goal is to ensure that students receive the best possible start in their real estate career. We have no ulterior motive because we are not owned by or affiliated with any one real estate franchise or brokerage company. Remember, we work equally with many different brokerage companies looking to hire our graduates. That’s what makes us truly unique and different from other schools.

Many schools say they are “independent” in their advertising, but they really exist to recruit graduates back to one particular real estate company. This may not be apparent until you are actually in class and you notice the instructor is continuously promoting just one company. That is not who we are. We do not make a penny directly or indirectly based on the brokerage company our graduates choose, nor are we supported financially by any brokerage, so there is never any possible conflict of interest.

We can connect you with local Brokers

Our students have the opportunity to attend events hosted by many different real estate brokerage companies looking to hire new agents. Start-up costs, commission splits and ongoing fees charged by real estate companies vary tremendously, as do levels of training and support offered to new agents. These factors have a tremendous impact on your success – and on how much money you make. Some companies charge thousands of dollars in fees every year, whether or not you ever earn a dime – but many do not! We can help you make an informed decision before you sign a contract with any brokerage.

We offer 5 to 6 Recruiting Events every month with different brokerage companies who are looking to hire our graduates. All of our students are welcome to attend as many of these events as they wish to learn more about that month’s featured brokerage companies. You are free to attend any or all of the events with no obligation. As a new licensee, you have many options available to you!

The professional teachers at The Real Estate School will equip you with the information you need to pass your State Exam and to prepare you for a rewarding career in real estate.

The Real Estate School has been an industry leader for the last 40 years. We’ve always maintained a strict standard in the quality of education we provide. We don’t use salespeople from local brokerage companies as part time instructors because we know that pass rates and student satisfaction fall dramatically.

We only hire full-time instructors with extensive knowledge of the industry and teaching skills that have been refined for years. In fact, we employ two salaried staff instructors on a full-time basis, which is virtually unheard of in this business, as well as two licensed real estate attorneys as guest lecturers. These instructors are 100% dedicated to your success. Check out the testimonials page on this website or go to our Facebook page to see what real students and local brokerage companies have said about our dedicated and skilled instructors.

If you commit to putting in the time and effort to attend this course, we will get you through it. Because our teachers are full-time instructors, we’re available to help our students before and after class. We even allow graduates to sit in on classes again to “refresh,” free of charge, for up to one year whenever we have a seat available in any of our daytime or evening classes. We will do whatever it takes to get you to your goal because we are committed to YOU and your success in real estate!


You owe it to yourself:

Attend one of our classes and attend a class at any other school you are considering. We are confident you will see The Real Estate School difference and choose us for your real estate education.

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A word of caution about State Exam Pass Rates

Please be aware of schools claiming very high pass rates on the State Exam, with no explanation and no verifying data. We don’t publish PSI pass rates because we believe the numbers are actually very deceiving to prospective students.

Here’s how it works:

PSI is the testing company that administers the State Exam for real estate licensing candidates. PSI tracks pass rates by looking at two numbers: how many candidates took the exam, and how many candidates passed the exam. The number that PSI can’t account for is how many people enrolled in the course. That means that PSI Pass Rates don’t include students who dropped out or failed the classroom exam administered by a school—preventing them from even being eligible to take the State Exam.

For example, if 24 students were enrolled in a course and 16 of them dropped out or failed, only 8 would be eligible to register for the State Exam. If 7 of the 8 pass the State Exam, their school may be advertising a 90% pass rate. But that number is incredibly misleading. In this example, less than 30% of students who enrolled in the course with that school actually passed the State Exam.

At some schools, it’s not unusual for two-thirds of the students to drop out or fail out of the course. That’s never the case at The Real Estate School.

We are committed to our students from beginning to end to make sure they can successfully complete our course and sit for the State Exam.

Still have questions?

Questions about the licensing process? Missed a class? Having trouble registering for the State Exam? No problem, we can assist you over the phone, in person at our Cherry Hill offices or by email.

Contact us anytime Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. We are fully staffed with friendly, knowledgeable education consultants who are here to help you every step of the way. Call 856-424-5562 or email info@realestatelicensenow.com

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The Real Estate School is licensed by the New Jersey Real Estate Commission and the Pennsylvania State Real Estate Commission. We are also members of the Gloucester Salem County Board of Realtors.

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Samantha C
Monroeville, New Jersey
September 2019 Graduate

The course reviews were very concise and really helped organize what to focus on.

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Kelicia P
Sewell, New Jersey
July 2019 Graduate

THANK YOU FOR MICHELLE! What a fantastic educator; she kept me engaged and interested in the class. She valued my study habits and was very encouraging along the way.

Read More
Giuliana F
Cherry Hill, New Jersey
September 2019 Graduate

Renee is very smart and informative.

Read More
Alissa M
Folsom, Pennsylvania
September 2019 Graduate

The instructors had great stories to help me remember the material and always kept me interested.

Read More
James K
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
September 2019 Graduate

Both instructors were very informative throughout the entire course and extremely helpful and supportive. Great experience.

Read More
Matthew L
Galloway, New Jersey
July 2013 Graduate

I just wanted to say thank you to Don Haven Sr. and his daughter Kelby for preparing me for the NJ State RE test. I successfully passed the test and I felt like I just sold a million-dollar home! The test was not easy at all, but I was prepared…

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