• Study Tips for Successful Students

    Certainly, everyone beginning a new career or even taking a new class wants to be successful. And the first step in your success is truly understanding the material being taught in class. As a student, you will have to attend classes but also engage in some independent study to commit vocabulary and concepts to memory. Following is some advice to help you make the MOST of your study time. Make your study time effective: Make a study schedule and stick to it. Enlist the help of fa
  • 15 Reasons You Should Take a Real Estate Course, Even if You Aren’t Planning to Start a Career in Real Estate

    Whether you rent, own, or “hope to own,” real estate is a big part of your monthly budget. It pays to understand the basics! For when you are renting, you can learn Your legal rights and responsibilities as a tenant What your landlord is legally responsible to do What mortgage companies will look for when deciding if you qualify for a mortgage The purchase of a home is one of the largest investments people make in their lifetime. A real estate course is a great way to en
  • Choosing the Right Broker – Before the Interview Preparation

    I Passed My State Test – Now What? Once you’ve completed your 75 hour licensing course and passed your state exam, you are ready to begin your search to find the best brokerage company for your personal situation and career goals. Keep in mind, you obtain ONE real estate license at a time (per state) and that license must “hang” at ONE real estate brokerage company. All real estate activity you do that requires a license must be done through that brokerage company. For example,
  • Choosing the Right Broker – The Interview

    Interviewing with Brokers is truly a two-way street. As much as the broker is determining if you are the right fit for their organization; you are also deciding if that particular firm is the right fit for you.Once you have selected your initial 3-4 brokerages based on your preliminary research, be sure to get answers to all of your questions. Below you will find key categories of questions for this line of work. It’s important to be prepared and ask the broker all your questions upfront, b