Carolyn Stewart

From part-time salesperson to full-time award winning residential real estate agent, Carolyn is excited to be debt-free while helping first-time home buyers navigate the biggest decision of their lives.

Carolyn decided to sell real estate after the frustrating experience of buying her first home. She knew that an attentive real estate agent would have made a big difference in the process.

She saw an opportunity to help people transition during a stressful time of life. She thrived off of helping people, and had already built her own successful direct sales business. All she wanted was to sell a house or two every year to put money aside for retirement.

To her surprise, the success of her first sale convinced her to go all-in as a residential real estate agent. Now, Carolyn closes two to three deals each month—even while pursuing her Master’s degree in social work. And of course she specializes in helping first time home buyers!

“I thought I would just do this on the side, but now I can pay off my student loans with real estate,” Carolyn said. “I can have a completely debt free life!”

Advice from Carolyn:

“Nothing great ever comes from sitting on the side lines and waiting. If being a real estate agent has crossed your mind several times, there’s no harm in trying. The Real Estate School teaches you so you can pass the test—and also helps you get a great start on your real estate journey!”