Heather Grasso

Tired of spending hours at a desk job that left her unable to pursue her hobbies or spend time with family, Heather chose a career in real estate and has never been happier.

Heather had a successful job, but realized she was simply working for a paycheck. She needed to feel a connection with what she was doing and to know that she was helping people. In her limited free time, she was active in theater, where she enjoyed choreographing dances and assisting with the artistic vision of theatrical productions. But she didn’t have enough time to pursue her hobbies without sacrificing time with her family.

Heather always wanted to become a REALTOR® but assumed that she would not have time to go to school due to her current work schedule. The Real Estate School offered her a flexible class schedule that she could manage while still holding her 9-5 job. Because she was good at coordinating details and communicating with clients, her real estate business quickly became so busy that she quit her other job.

“At my other job, I had to be behind a desk for specific hours. I felt guilty doing the things I loved because it took time away from my family,” she says. “With a career in real estate, I can be more flexible. I can do things I enjoy—like choreography for Broadway theater and spend time with my 4-year-old child, who will always come first!”

Heather enjoys taking the stress out of buying a home by handling all the details. She lives up to her hashtag of #NotYourAverageAgent in many ways. Thanks to her experience in theater, her artistic side truly comes out when staging and preparing homes for resale.

“When someone cries and hugs you and says, ‘I couldn’t have done this without you,’ that is success!” she says. “You’ve changed the life for a whole family—you gave them a place to call home. That makes my heart happy. That’s why I do this!”

Advice from Heather:

“Have a pipeline and be prepared to hit the ground running. Real estate is a communication based business. Talk to people, build relationships, be trustworthy. Help people stay grounded and focused through the process and be available when they need you.”