Michael Dariano

As the owner of a construction company that flips houses, Michael wanted to cut out the middleman and find his own properties. He decided to get his real estate license so he could have greater autonomy.

With his real estate license, Michael now has access to look at properties when it fits his schedule—and gets much earlier access to the homes before anyone else sees them. He can see the neighborhood comps and make better purchasing decisions. He doesn’t have to wait for another sales agent to do any of the work, which means he keeps all his profits.

Even though Michael had been investing in real estate before receiving his license, the two week course at The Real Estate School filled in the blanks for what he didn’t know. “As an investor, it’s a huge advantage to have your license,” he says. “You’ll be more savvy in your purchases because you’ll understand the process and the market better.”

Michael usually flips three to five houses per year. He joined HomeSmart Real Estate because they pay 100% commissions and have low transaction fees increasing his profit margin by not paying a lot to the broker. He buys the houses in rough shape and does most of the work himself to fix them up. He enjoys seeing the finished project and, of course, seeing a profitable return on his sweat equity!

Advice from Michael:

“It’s important to understand your project and be very thorough in your estimation.”


Jyoti S
Cherry Hill, NJ
August 2015 Graduate

I took this class with another school 5 years ago. I have learned so much more in your class. Sharing your personal experiences has certainly enhanced my knowledge base. I have been a pharmacist for 22 years. You have given me the confidence to pursue an additional career. Thank you…

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Michelle S
Pemberton, New Jersey
June 2019 Graduate

Examples and clear instructional teaching made it easier to understand and remember. The course was very informative and having multiple instructors presenting the material kept me more interested.”

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Alissa M
Folsom, Pennsylvania
September 2019 Graduate

The instructors had great stories to help me remember the material and always kept me interested.

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John M
Magnolia, New Jersey
September 2018 Graduate

Kelby and Michelle were amazing! To be able to fit so much information into the class in two short weeks was incredible! I highly recommend this class and am looking forward to my new career!”

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Bob Johns
Broker/Owner Century 21 Rauh & Johns Sewell, NJ

As a Broker/Owner of Century 21 Rauh & Johns, a successful Real Estate Brokerage Firm, I have been referring people interested in starting a career in Real Estate to your school for decades. There are many reasons why I recommend The Real Estate School; primarily it is your strong reputation…

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Bruce N
Marlton, New Jersey
August 2019 Graduate

Loved Renee’s presentation. I have previously recommended the course to others and will continue to do so.

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