Monica Walsh

Monica enjoyed working in graphic design and marketing for a small commercial real estate firm. But she wanted more out of her career. She transitioned into commercial real estate brokerage and is now the Director of Client Services at one of the fastest growing firms in the region, Vantage Real Estate Services.

Vantage Real Estate Services provides commercial real estate brokerage services in South Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania with offices in Marlton and center city Philadelphia. What Monica likes best about commercial real estate is the moment her clients realize they can achieve their vision for their business. She views commercial real estate as a creative field that involves solving puzzles for business owners. She helps them use their imaginations as they look at a raw space.

“I help clients see past what’s in front of them and see what could be. It’s an exciting feeling to know I had a hand in helping someone realize their business goals and make their community a better place.” she says. “Working with a start-up business is my favorite. They are pursuing their dream!”

Monica’s day-to-day work schedule is always dynamic. She is consistently available to meet the unique needs and challenges of her clients. “You have to be adaptive in this business,” she says. “Adapting to clients’ needs is a huge part of what we do as brokers.”

Her dedication to her industry, team members and persistence in business have helped propel Vantage RES. In just a few short years, the brokerage has tripled in size. As one of the first brokers in the company, Monica has helped establish Vantage Real Estate Services as a force in the industry. Monica’s main goals are to leave a lasting legacy in her community and to create a larger impact by encouraging women to find their passion in commercial real estate.

Advice from Monica:

“Do something that you are passionate about. And, every single day, use that passion to be consistent, persistent and driven.”