Stacy Reiter

Stacy’s real estate license gave her more than a job. It gave her experience, confidence and a successful career she loves.

Before she became a partner of Veritas Real Estate, Stacy was a bookkeeper with two small children at home. She had been working in a real estate office but needed a license to manage and lease properties.

Even though she was a bit apprehensive, she enrolled in night classes with The Real Estate School and passed her exams on the first try. Stacy soon discovered that she loved the people side of the business. Her outgoing personality and strong work ethic made her a natural choice as a partner in a new firm that specializes in commercial real estate investment, leasing and management of approximately one million square feet.

Stacy enjoys communicating with tenants and making sure the buildings meet their needs. The best thing her tenants tell her is that she makes their lives easy.

“Real Estate gave me a career that I could call successful,” Stacy said. “I never thought I’d be an owner of a company or in the position I am in. I’m the Vice President of my company. I’ve come a long way from community college and just a job. I meet new people every day and make a great living. The harder I work, the more I enjoy it!”

Advice from Stacy:

“Be thick-skinned, motivated and determined. Be honest and present with people.”