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September 2016 - One Day CE Course (continued)

September 2016 - One Day CE Course

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Student ReviewsNJ Broker Sales Licensing Program

February 2016


Student ReviewsNJ/ PA Sales Licensing Program

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Barbara sent a message using the contact form at

I graduated 7/22 from the 2 week day class. The experience I had in your
salesperson class was exceptional. I struggled with the thought of learning something new and at first it seemed overwhelming. You not only imparted knowledge, but confidence. I take my state exam on 8/6 and will let you know the outcome. Thank you, thank you.

Kelby & Don,

We didn’t have an opportunity for course or instructor evaluations at the end of our recent two-week class, but I just wanted to take minute to tell you both how much I enjoyed the course!  I recall thinking the schedule on the board on Day 1 was rather ambitious, but somehow, we got through it all, and with time to spare for review!  The information was taught in an engaging, knowledgeable and organized format.  You were both responsive to questions while at the same time making sure we completed the planned coursework set out for each day.  

Regardless of what happens from this point forward in my real estate career, I’m glad I started it with your school.

Thank you both,

SR (February 2016)

Hi Kelby!! I just wanted to thank you and your dad for being an incredible teaching team!! You guys were so wonderful, both knowledgeably & funny!! Rare! I learned sooo much and enjoyed myself in your class! And I just wanted to say thank you!! 

Warmly ~n~ kindly! 


Good Afternoon.

I received my official PA license in the mail today after navigating the process of getting my dual license in NJ/PA, picking my broker, and getting my business set up. I just wanted to take a second to thank your team for everything. I am very fortunate that the original class I signed up for somewhere else was cancelled due to low attendance because from the second I first talked to someone on the phone about signing up for your course, through the course itself, through the licensing process, you guys have been excellent. The education and support has gotten me off to a great start and I have already recommended your program to others and will continue to do so.  
Have a great weekend!

Hi Don and Kelby,

I am writing to let you know I took my Real Estate Exam on 10/30 and I  am excited to say...I PASSED, thanks to both of you.  I thoroughly enjoyed  the time I spent attending your class and I am grateful for the knowledge you  both shared with me. I graduated from your class on 8/9 and I will be referring anyone that is interested in attending Real Estate School to you both.

Thank You,

Hello Don and Kelby,

Hope you are both doing well.

I took the NJ exam two weeks ago and passed! What a relief!
I gave myself a week between graduating and taking the exam. It was just enough time for me to study more but still close enough to the class for the information to be fresh in my mind!

Just wanted to thank you both for giving such a great class and doing an awesome job preparing me for the state exam. You made the class interesting and I looked forward to attending each day. I learned so much from you in those two weeks.

You both are true professionals and all around good people.

Thank you for everything!


Hello Don,

I just wanted to thank you for everything. Your class was everything I  expected and more.

Your stories on FISBOs actually landed me my first listing 2 days into being  a licensed realtor and I have been busy ever since. Not a day goes by that I  don't reference something you taught me.

Thank you again for everything and I look forward to hearing from you.


Hi Don

I passed the state exam yesterday. Thanks again to you and your daughter for  the great class experience.


Mr. Don and Kelby,

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with me and for all the support.  As I told you both this is something I have wanted to do for 29 years since the last time I took the course.  The timing just wasn't right for my family.  I know you are of faith and it shines, I am also of faith.  Although I was severed, twice by the same company after 36 years, I knew God had a plan for me and this was the plan, and with your support and expertise it's moving forward. I promise to follow the OLD CAR rules. In closing, Mr. Don hasn't missed a beat, I enjoyed the first class and enjoyed this one as well. You are quite entertaining!   Thanks again, Peace and blessings to you and yours.  



Mon, Jan 12, 2016 at 10:05 pm

I Passed my PA Real estate law section section today!!! Thank you so much for your help! I couldn't have done it without you! :-)

Thank you very much and please thank Mr. Haven and his daughter.


Anthony sent a message using the contact form at

Hi Don, I just wanted to let you know what a great experience it was for me  to be a part of your class. I learned so much from you in such a short time,  at first I wasn't sure it was even possible for me to retain everything so quickly. But your personal style of teaching kept me motivated and focused.

I  took your advice about not waiting long to take the exam and you were right!  I totally rocked the test the first try today! I completed all the questions in 45mins!

You're a great instructor and a great person, and your staff (family) is amazing too! I can't wait to put what I learned from you into  practice. It was a pleasure meeting and learning from you.

"Your never to old to pick some more peas!"

Thanks again,


Michael sent a message using the contact form at

I just wanted to say thank you to Don Haven and his daughter for preparing me  for the NJ State RE test.  Our last class was on July 10th and I took the  test on July 26th.  I successfully passed the test and I felt like I just  sold a million dollar home.  

The test was not easy at all, but I was prepared  and that's what led to me passing the test.  I look forward to continuing my  education at your school at some point in my career.  

Once again a big thanks  to you and your staff.


Don, Kelby

Thank you so much for all the time, attention and effort you gave to all of  us during the Day Class, 12/2 - 12/13.  After passing the class exam on  
Friday the 13th my intention was to try and schedule the state exam for  Wednesday or Thursday the next week.  I stopped by the office and picked up  the PSI Exam study book Friday afternoon from Jamie.  She had just finished  uploading information to PSI and suggested I check the PSI site in a couple  of hours.  Turns out, I was able to schedule the state exam for Saturday  12/14.  I am delighted to say I PASSED!!!
Now to begin the adventure and the new world of real estate.  

It's time to  get people MOVING!!

Thank you again


Subject: New licensee

Dear Don and Kelby,
I was in your 1-29-15 class. And have passed the nj exam today.
I want to thank you for a tremendous learning experience. It will open another new door for me.
Thanks again,

Hello Don:

I was in your most recent day class that ended this past Friday. I'm happy to announce that I took the Real Estate Salesperson's Exam today and PASSED!  
I wanted to thank you for your exceptional instructions and guidance to our group in elevating our Real Estate competencies and providing us such a wealth of personal experiences and professional guidance.  From probably the oldest person in your class (57), I can truly testify that your side conversations, stories and personal real estate experiences truly resonated with me and gave me valuable lessons and opinions which I will carry forward as I pursue my Real Estate Investment career.  
You are truly a "godfather" in Real Estate Education in this state and I will continue to recommend you to everyone interested in a complete and knowledgable real estate education.  
Thank you for truly add tremendous value to your students' experience in your classes.
Warmest regards,
Mark M.


Rarely in life are great expectations exceeded.  You exceeded mine.

I did virtually all of my preparation to become a CPA at night at an earlier age, and, quite frankly, wondered what class would be like at this stage following a long workday.  I looked forward to coming to class.  It is hard for me to believe one could sit and listen for 4+ hours two evenings a week and never be bored.

You possess some unique qualities; in fact, I told my son and fellow classmate, Jeff, you could pick from a wide range of topics and keep a class awake and alert.  That’s a unique attribute!  And we learned a lot!!!

Many thanks,

Jeff M.

Dear Don,

I would like to take the time to thank you for your excellent instruction on the real estate business and how to pass the state exam.  After completing your night classes, and after a week of studying, I managed to pass the test on the very first attempt.  Before attending your class, I had figured that with my self described poor math skills, I could never even attempt to obtain a real estate license, but after attending your sometimes funny, but always entertaining classes my fantasy of becoming a real estate salesperson has come true!

Thanks to the skills and real life experience you so often described in your classes, I have managed to have scheduled my first settlement just 10 days after receiving my state license.  Some of the things you have passed along to me each week has given me the ability to work on an equal level with people who have been in this profession for far more years than myself.

Should anyone approach me and ask how they could get started in this business, I would immediately recommend THE Real Estate School, and that funny farm boy from the middle of nowhere.

With my appreciation,

Jeffrey T.

Dear Don,

I would like to thank you for the first class training provided by the Real Estate School.

If you will remember, I’m the “old Guy” who attended your October day course for the two weeks and finished your final exam before all of the young folks.

Well, I took the State Exam in November and finished in one and one-half hours and passed!!  (They allow 4 hours)   Your course is very effective and informative.

Please pass this on to any prospective but doubtful students.

If a 64 year old Grandfather of 3 can do it, so can they!


Robert S.

Dear Don,

As I was anticipating a decision to make a change in my career I met with a Broker from a Real Estate Agency who suggested I contact your school because it was considered an exemplary institution for real estate education.

How fortunate I was to have been given this information because you are a valuable instructor I will always remember.  I will carry your words of wisdom throughout my career, and strive to be the best!

As I move forward I will be contacting you, once again, to obtain my broker license at your prestigious school.

Again, thank you for your expertise and support.

Susan  W.  







Dear Mr. Haven,

Just wanted to drop you a note thanking for a very informative two weeks and for helping me pass the exam on the first try.  In addition to teaching the required course material in an interesting manner, your extensive real estate experiences provided a valuable perspective on what to expect in the profession and what it takes to become a successful salesperson.

Obtaining my real estate license provided additional career opportunities, greater job flexibility, and will assist me in developing a new business factoring real estate commissions which I plan to start in the next month or two. 

Thanks again,

Roberta B.

Dear Don,

I want to officially thank you for your patience and kindness to this old man, during your last class of the sales licensing cours.  I asked some “off the wall questions” because I really wanted to learn about the industry, but had no intention of becoming a licensed salesperson.

I am Chairman of the Trustees Building Committee of NJ Shriners.  Therefore, I need industry knowledge to buy land, understand regulations and develop several options to build our new fraternal home.

Some of your anecdotal stories helped me understand the broker/sales relationship, their competitive nature, as well as the legal and procedural basis for their attitudes.  Now I can more easily understand them and possibly use some of them to help with this very important project.

I became so interested due to your presentation and skill that I decided to complete the course, take the tests and get my license.  With your fine teaching ability the process was a genuine pleasure.  Now I can find a place to hang my pride and joy.

Thanks for your effort!

Thomas W.

Mr. Haven,

Thank you so much for spending the time with me to try to help me out with my situation on the encroachment with my listing.  You went over and above what I even expected you to know.  You were right.  The survey was wrong and I checked into  it and the lawyer was wrong.  Thank you so much for your time and insight.  I will use it in the future.

Your former student,

Todd H.

Dear Don,

In recalling an earlier conversation of ours, I remember mentioning my opinion that the problem with most college diplomas is they signify graduates have only learned “how to say it …not what to say”.

I want to thank you for the instructing, not only, the “how” but, more importantly, the “what” in your real estate sales training course.  Your instruction was very informative and greatly beneficial.

It was a pleasure being in your class.




September 2016 - One Day CE Course